Selecta IPM 2024

Planta Morgana

Plants of the future – drought-tolerant and heat-resistant! Planta Morgana is the answer to the increasing demand for flowering plants that cope well with hot and dry periods. The concept includes plants that have performed particularly well in drought tests. 

Nature Garden

Insect-friendly plants are in high demand! Nature Garden offers a colourful selection from the Selecta range that is particularly attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Autumn Friends – it's all in the mix!

Our Autumn Friends make late summer and autumn shine perfectly with hardy and weather-resistant perennial carnations paired with traditional autumn plants. Discover the 1001 possibilities of our varieties from the perennial and grass assortment for use as Autumn Friends mixes or as single plants, mixed trays and containers.  

Fantasy Star

A unique eye-catcher! Fantasy Star - this poinsettia showcases stunning vibrant red bracts decorated with many distinctive white dots. With a reaction time of 8.5 weeks, it shows colour and the unique pattern early and offers a narrow, strong growth habit.  Last year's novelty delivered fantastic results in its first season. A poinsettia that no assortment should be without!  


PINK KISSES® is the success story in the German plant market. With its interesting flower shape and beautiful pink, slightly fragrant flowers, the variety founded a new generation of pot carnations and became a brand itself within a very short time.Building on the successful "Pink Your Garden" media campaign, PINK KISSES® will connect people and match new best friends in 2024! Under the motto "PINK MATCH!", PINK KISSES® will be staged in a Europe-wide emotional campaign on established and new social media channels as an identifying sign for friendship dates. With a cheerful and confident approach, PINK KISSES® authentically serve a topical and modern theme in the target group.  

Christmas Universe

"Star of the Year" - we awarded this title to our "Christmas Universe" variety. The intensely dark red variety with good foliage quality has far exceeded all expectations since its market launch: universally applicable, suitable for all market segments, different climate zones and all pot sizes, it has become a worldwide success in a short period of time.

Selecta one

The Selecta Group is a world-leader in breeding, growing, and marketing of innovative plants both ornamental and functional. Our breeding activities comprise bedding and balcony plants, houseplants, perennials and cut flowers, and in 2022, we expanded our range to include young vegetable plants (Code: DE-ÖKO-003). With production sites and sales offices spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, we serve all relevant markets worldwide.follow us on [Instagram](, [Facebook]( or [LinkedIn](

ONE in Dianthus

ONE in Dianthus embodies Selecta's claim to be the No. 1 in the entire carnation market of cut and pot carnations. As the world's leading breeder and marketer of carnations, Selecta contributes to continuing to live up to this claim with an attractive assortment, regular innovations and consumer-oriented marketing activities. ONE in Dianthus stands for pot and cut, for linking tradition and modernity, for organic growth and acquisitions, for a broad and deep range of pot carnations, for proven series, successful individual products, well-known classics and exciting innovations, milestones in the market and emotional marketing concepts.

Playa Sun Juana

Lantanas from the Sun Juana series defy the sun, manage with little water, and present their extraordinary world of colour. The Playa Sun Juana variety impresses with its special play of colours - yellow, orange, pink and magenta. It stands out with its large flowers, strong branching, and round structure as well as its easy-to-care character.  


New Mandevillas, which are marketed under the name "Divina" with their own marketing concept, stand for beauty and radiant elegance on the balcony and in the garden.  Subdivided into Compact, Climbing and Uni, each series offers special advantages for end products in different shapes and pot sizes.  

The Power Sisters

The new intergeneric series "The Power Sisters" combines the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia: Large, early flowers, good branching and bright colours as well as good summer performance and high rain tolerance. The three Power Sisters are: Pretty Pam (pink), Wonder Wendy (white) and Bandit Betty (blue) and are also available as Trixi® combination.  


Under the brand name LUCKY LIPS®, a new complete series of pot Dianthus has been introduced - 5 attractive varieties with the same product characteristics as the successful PINK KISSES®. They are characterised by a variety of slightly fragrant, bright flowers with a high colour brilliance. The interesting colour spectrum includes single- and bicolour varieties and combinations ranging from white to pink and bright to intense red. The varieties have a compact, uniform, well-branched structure, excellent transport properties and a long shelf life.  

Solandis - the butterfly collection

This single petal carnations are ideal for bouquets as they allow complex combinations and facilitate innovation, while bringing movement and magic to arrangements. Solandis, is the new single petal collection and it is nothing short of inspiring with stems that metamorphose petals into wings not only for flying, but as a canvas for some of the most beautiful, graceful, varied, and enchanting shapes and patterns in nature. These flowers, like butterflies, dance upon carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemum, and an endless mix of flowers in effortlessly contemporary arrangements.